For the Undergraduate Mentee:

Our major can be challenging at times, but it can also be very exciting and rewarding. To help you get comfortable and establish as a physics major at UTK, we have created a mentor program that will guide you through the next few years and beyond. The program will have an upperclassman mentor an underclassman and a graduate student mentor an upperclassman interested in graduate school. Our mentors have been where you are now and want to pay forward their knowledge and advice. SPS will host a “Mentor and Me” activity once a month. These activities are to help you meet fellow physicists and get comfortable with your classmates and others in the physics department. 

For mentees who are new to physics at UTK, your mentors will be there to talk about courses, social activities, studying habits, research, resources, etc. You and your mentor will meet at least once a month to talk about any questions you have and discuss upcoming events. If you are an upperclassman being mentored by a graduate student, you and your mentor will talk about preparing and applying to graduate programs, fellowships, and research.

For the Mentor:
As you may remember, the first year of physics (or preparing for graduate school) was confusing and difficult for some of us to navigate through. Our goal is to help grow the department by retaining students that want to major in physics.  We will help those students by sharing our experiences and wisdom. We would like for you to talk with your mentee at least once a month about questions or concerns he or she may have about the physics major. We would like for you to discuss courses, upcoming events, resources, good studying habits, etc. 

Please fill out this survey, so that we can match you with your mentor/mentee!