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We are a student-led organization aiming to promote and foster interest in science. The group is open to any UT undergraduates with an interest in physics. All majors can add something new to the group's diversity. We engage in social events, outreach events, and professional research events involved with the global scientific community. Please contact us ( if you're interested in understanding the science that shapes our world!

We will host our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM in Nielsen Physics room 306/307. There is no required time commitment for the events, so you can be involved as necessary for your schedule; however, to be an active member you must attend the majority of meetings or attend in 2 or more events per semester. So please attend or participate in as many group events as possible! SPS is great for engagement, experience, networking, and resume building!

Also, consider becoming an official member of SPS National (optional). Benefits include subscriptions to two physics society newsletters such as the American Physical Society (AIP), American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) etc. as well as many scholarship, internship, and leadership opportunities. The annual dues are paid by the department during your first year ($24.00 in subsequent years). Speak to the officers about becoming a national member.